I wake up.

I had a strange dream this morning.

But I can not remember the content.

I headed for the front door though there was no use.

A strange man came in.

Man "I am rude the other day"

I "Who are you?"

Man "I have dreamed of apologizing"

I "Mu Ming?"

Man "It is a medicine that can see unexpected dreams again, but please also take care because there are side effects"

I "I understand"

Man, "No, you do not understand anything"

What is that?

I was concerned about the dream this morning, I tried taking medicine for the time being.

To feel dizzy.

Is it a side effect?

The man began to laugh with an eerie smile.

As I felt sick, I decided to go back to my room and take a rest.

I feel I forgot something.

I can not for the most part remember.

I fell asleep again.