From now, I talk about 20 years ago.
While I went to a hot spring of Ikaho with my boyfriend at that time, I did not even have a way station, but I entered a big store where old-fashioned sweets shops gathered.

There is not much remembrance, but inside was wide and there are tourists as well.
A long time ago, sweets and figurines.

On the way, I wanted to go to the toilet, I asked him to wait in front of the toilet and entered the toilet.
It is over for use, if it comes from the exit. . Hmm?
He is not here. Look around a little.
And, as I get lost I'm going down.
When thinking carefully, the feeling around is somehow different.

Then a man wearing a suit that was close to the toilet gave it to me, "Are you getting lost?"
I answered, "I am a little embarrassed about" Yes. " Then the man said "Please go into the toilet again and leave another door." As I told a little bit, as I told you, I went back to the toilet and went outside from a different door. I think that it was about 15 minutes in the m