From now, I talk about 20 years ago.
While I went to a hot spring of Ikaho with my boyfriend at that time, I did not even have a way station, but I entered a big store where old-fashioned sweets shops gathered.

There is not much remembrance, but inside was wide and there are tourists as well.
A long time ago, sweets and figurines.

On the way, I wanted to go to the toilet, I asked him to wait in front of the toilet and entered the toilet.
It is over for use, if it comes from the exit. . Hmm?
He is not here. Look around a little.
And, as I get lost I'm going down.
When thinking carefully, the feeling around is somehow different.

Then a man wearing a suit that was close to the toilet gave it to me, "Are you getting lost?"
I answered, "I am a little embarrassed about" Yes. " Then the man said "Please go into the toilet again and leave another door." As I told a little bit, as I told you, I went back to the toilet and went outside from a different door. I think that it was about 15 minutes in the m

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そのスーツの男性、優しい人で良かったじゃないですか。。。 怖い。

以前通ってた整体の先生によると私はは霊につかれやすい体質らしく整体が済むと真っ直ぐ家に帰らず人がたくさんいるスーパーなどによって帰りなさいと、時々言われることがあつた ある日先生から、もうこれくらいで勘弁して下さいと言われた?意味が解らなかつたけど先生の体調が悪いと思っていた。次回予約入れたら着信拒否された今でもずっと拒否されてます 暫くして良く考えると、今日は、体調悪いから持ってかえってねと良く言われてたし整体にくるたびに、先生の身体のケガが多くなった。先生霊感あるから私の霊の波動もろに受けたんでしようね

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