I talked about when I was in elementary school.

My male friend R has been missing.
At that time, I got in touch with my home appliances that came home together, and my family was also making a big fuss.

However, only saying "I am missing" that R did not return home even though it was around 9 o'clock.
Well I found it soon.

The main subject is from here.

The next day, I asked R, "Why did not you go back yesterday?",

"It was five o'clock."

What a foolish answer came back.
Plus a plus,

"It was five o'clock when my father came to pick me up.It was 5 o'clock forever and I thought it was weird, it was night and my dad was in front of me"

I wonder what it is, what I was doing.

"Well ... Well, I had a wristwatch, I had 5 o'clock when the watch saw it at any moment, and playing with the girl who met me forever (around where R was found) Although I ceased to be late at night. "

I was laughing with joyful smile.

In front of XXX.

It was a famous place among so - called "visib