Murasaki. Maybe you know more.

There was a girl called Mr. A.
She liked himself anyway and she often saw herself in the mirror.

One day, she got a hand mirror from my grandmother.
After that I have been watching myself with that mirror for a long time, but from a certain day it can be a face? It seems like I can do it.

She hated to see her face.
And she painted the treasure that she treasured in purple by hand so that I could not see my face.

At one point I was relieved but when I went to school I heard that I was able to be bullied because of the bamboo of that face.
With that, she suffered very much and died.

Although it is said that it is a story, there are parts which are a little worrisome.
Moreover, many people say that it is different from the story that I heard.

This has a little continuation.
If I remember this story till 20 birthday, I will be cursed and killed.

However, there seems to be a way to avoid being cursed.
I do not know.

If you have anything, please let me