This is not a joke but a truly experienced story.

On that day, I played with my friend at the karaoke in the city until 3 o'clock in the evening,
It is a story that I experienced when I got home.

I was going home, just stunned the familiar road.

Then you see the familiar crossroads in front of you,

As I got closer I noticed that the crossroads were different from usual.

In the middle of the crossroads
There was a crack in the space, and the entrance which seemed to be following another world was big open mouth.

It is difficult to explain with words,
For example, it looks like Garganta that comes out in Bleach's manga.

The tip of the crevice in the space,
Although it is pitch black, I can see that the black people are moving inside,

Is it an instinct as a human animal ...

Do not get close! A

I understood by intuition.

after that,

I left the space a little after a while and went away and went back to the usual crossroads.

It is still wonderf