I snatched with my child in the afternoon.

When I noticed it, mosquito coils had disappeared before 4 o'clock in the day.

What was unpleasant than anything was a warm wind like a street light bulb.

Somehow fishy with sweat ...

The empty small stomach swollen, but it was far from satisfactory memory.

Pan, Sue · · ·

Tons, tons, Sue ...
Pampang · · ·

There was a sound that the shoji hit the insect, but its shadow was as big as the human head.
Some of the long hair stuck to the shoji due to static electricity and made a thin shadow.
Slowly, slowly, gradually climb up to the top.
From climbing if climbing ... · · ·

Rattles rattle rattle! It is!

With the sound my grandmother opened the front door swiftly, its shadow quickly disappeared.
Then, Su - su suddenly my grandmother came to peep away from the sliding door.
It was a while that I felt relieved, a stupid father stood with a grandmother's neck and a throw.

My father saw me and said,

"I will run away! Haha, if I do not do i