Midnight thing.

Suddenly the dongpong, the interphone rang and woke up with the sound of hitting the door with Don Dong Dong.

"Who are you, at such a time"

For the time being, when checking outside from the peephole from the entrance, a woman full of women is striking the door with an outward appearance.

I inadvertently tore down.
At the same time, the sound of hitting the door also disappeared.

When I looked in again, the appearance of a woman was no longer visible.

I got frightened and immediately tried to sleep with a bed but that girl burned to my head so I could hardly sleep, can I be cursed? When I was thinking about such a thing, I fell asleep.

The next morning a pinpong and the interphone rang.

I jumped unexpectedly.

He was again! I was scared and could not go to the entrance.
Anyway, the front of the house was strangely noisy.

Several police cars are stopped when looking through the window.

"Have you anything?"

Then, "Mr. ○ ○, is there a police officer !?" I hear

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ソレ 見たことあるよー ↓↓↓↓



ドクロゲキっていうテレ東のホラードラマに似た話があったな。作家の一人暮らしの女が徹夜で原稿終わらして昼からようやく寝付いたら隣に住んでる女児が「おかーさん 開けてー開けてー!」「うるさい!!」って言って放置してたら血だらけで死んでたってやつ。事故で死に掛けて、家間違えて助けを求めてたってオチ。見たことある?


Relete to "ghost?"

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