The room in which I live is kind of reply.
It is said that there is uncomfortable feeling ...
Let's talk about what she heard from her grandmother.

This house has a sense of incompatibility.
It is the house where I moved when I was in the third grade of elementary school.
Several days have passed since I started living, 9 years passed since then I am now 19.
A word to my grandmother one day when my inspiration became sensitive.

"My aunt, this is strange, is not it?"
"That's right ... it's strange, is not it?"

My grandmother had a sense of incongruity.
It seems that my grandmother had a sense of incongruity nine years ago when I moved from now.

Even if asking about local elderly, it seems that they do not know.
In addition, asking the elderly people ... It seems there was a cherry tree before ...

Hora, do not listen well.

"Sakura's Kinoshita is filled with corpses" ...

How about this story?


相変わらず誤字脱字だらけ 他人に読んでもらう気あるのか


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