This is a story of a high school student. Three high school students came to the waste hospital of rumors saying "get out" in the neighborhood for the test of liver.

Holds a video camera and enters the indoor terrible.
Three who headed to the back, found an old medical record in the place where the operating room was once.
Three people go to the hospital outlet when putting the chart in the bag as a souvenir.
"I am sorry,"

Three people who wanted to see the videos taken immediately, gathered in the owner's room of the video.
A video was played and that hospital appeared on the TV screen.

With the greeting the camera entered the hospital, it was exactly that time.


Three people will face each other.
It certainly sounded like a woman's voice.
The camera further advances to the back of the hospital.

"It is not rougher than I thought"
"Thank you"

"There is nothing in this place after all"
"There is not such a thing"

Three people's face turned pa

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