About 10 years ago from now.

I thought that women who do not have academic background are working for trucks so much that they earn a lot of work, and I was doing 4 tons intermediate distance drivers.

I remember I was pleased with a back camera around my first year in employment.

On the way back from Nagoya I was running on Route 1 and the time is at 20 o'clock.
I am hungry and I went to a ramen shop and saw the scene inside the car trying to park with back.

A woman stands ... ....

Long black hair It looks like she is flattered because there is no white kimono face visible.

It got settled for a while and it will be back to you. Only the voice of the echoed.

Good! Cry out in my heart that I will not eat rice
When trying to change the gear

The face of a woman reflected in the screen all the way.

Eyes are black and expressionless.

I frantically went back to the office with nausea and headaches.

If you talk to employees and your boss with tears, tears
"It was a disaster, you

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