When I was reading manga in the room around 3 o'clock in the middle of the night, I suddenly heard the sound of rattling the door knob.

I was bitter, but I thought that I kept my keys properly and I thought it would be fine, then I heard the sound that pushed a pin number quickly and the blood flew.

I messed with the settings of the numeric keypad at that time.

It was designed to unlock just by pressing E panel.

And the guy beyond the door was unlocked when he pressed the button appropriately.

Luckily it was on the day that the chain was wearing and the guy beyond the door despite wearing a chain kept doing the act for about three minutes in order to forcibly open the door.

As I got quiet, when I opened the door with the door, nobody was gone.

As soon as I contacted a friend who knew the circumstances of my PIN, I was told that I was OK because I was not in the room.

Even though I usually know the footstep walking in the hallway, I can afford it but I was afraid that I could not hear t

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この話の後日談はありませんか?? 気になる、、


??最後あたりがよく分からない なんで友達は入られてないって知ってるの?

誰か 酔っ払って部屋間違えたんじゃ…

それ もう部屋に入ってるよ


確ッ実に幽霊だね 似たような経験ならあります

Relete to "Suspicious person in the apart"

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