"I am not afraid of ghosts"

There is a person to tell like that.
Some people seem to do with liver to prove their claim.

However, with a feeling of hesitation, going to a liver can not be recommended.
Because the ghost is not the only scary thing in this world ... ....

This is the story of S, a high school student living in K prefecture.
S was also a type that does not believe any ghost stories or ghost stories at all by example.

One day, S heard stories about spiritual spots in the neighborhood.
There seems to be a rumored shrine that ghosts appear in the neighboring town where S lives.

S who was interested decided to go to the shrine alone on that night.
In the precincts wrapped in the darkness, the spirit seems to appear anytime soon, if ordinary people, he would have hesitated to step in.

As a matter of fact, S wandered around hanging but nothing happened.
Of course there were no ghosts or shapes.
(After all I do not see anything ......)

Although I was disappointed, I was a lit

How about this story?







疑問1なぜ人は、恨む時に藁人形を使うのだろうか? (※すみません。この話に関係なくて)。 それが知りたい!!!


まぁ実際そんな姿みたら怖くなるけどね…人の異常な行動より怖いものはない。ただね…見下ろすくだりが…。 ↓実際には藁である必要はないみたいですよ、必要なモノが揃っていれば。ただ藁にもすがるというように何か因果関係があるのかもですねー。


Relete to "A woman who was watching"

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