When I went to a famous Japanese shrine in Niigata with my family.

It was a pretty famous shrine, the day was also crowded with tourist spots.

To visit the shrine, you can not go and walk a little, but on the way to the shrine on your left? There are plenty of rooms.

There, we saw pictures and other things that our family entered and was exhibited.
Then, a boy and a mother who entered the fourth and fifth grade elementary school students came inside.

When we, our family, tried to leave the room.

The boy who came earlier said, "There is a man, there."

I am? In this room, we came with our family, children and mother.

Then the mother said "Everyone is afraid, stop it!"

That word was fear.

After that, there was nothing, I came home with a family visiting.

That child usually looks ...
My mother also exchanged words like normal.

For a pure child, it can be said that the spirit is easy to see, it is told.

How about this story?










弥◯のそうです。少し 薄気味悪いですよね。子供が本当に言ってました。

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