In my cousin 's house, I see something like a spirit for a while, my sister and cousin who can not see such things at all, the application of a smartphone "Really! I was reading a short story in a guy called "scary story".

Darkened the room, I sat on the chair, my sister and cousin wrapped in a blanket. It was midnight.

Telling me three stories and turning on the light, my sister and cousin are strangely facing, so what happened? When I asked, they gathered together and said, "Because there was huge eyes on the wall behind the child behind scary talk, I was watching a child," I said, "It's the screen light of the iPhone , I accidentally made a shadow in the shape of my eyes on the wall "laughed. However, even if I tried to reproduce, the light of the screen of the iPhone did not become eye shape with my back and head shade.

I thought it was strange.
Even though I always see big eyes at my cousin 's house, it is supposed to be a concrete fence in a parking lot.

Late at night, I left my cousin's ho

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そんなことないですよー! またお話し聞かせてくださいー!

怖くないねごめんなさい! 文章力がないもので^ ^

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