Since I was not feeling very well last week, I asked my friends to go and went to the health department.

At that time I was still flat and I was absent from bed in the health room.

What should I do if I do not get a fever after an hour. I have not done my homework ....

If I was worried

"Will I give a fever? Senior"

And someone whispered.

Of course, there must be nothing but a teacher with me.

"I want to put out fever now, right?

Then ... I agreed.

"A thank you, Nagisa senpai's kiss, then,"

After the boy somewhere,

I was hit by a bad headache.

After an hour, if the teacher measures the fever

"37.2 degrees ... I'm leaving early"

I was pleased when I was told, but I became frightened.

When my teacher is calling my parents,

"What promised ...?"

Did. The boy was satisfied and went somewhere.

But I am still anxious.

He was in the bed at the window, but he had no shadows or shapes at all ....

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