When I was elementary and junior high school, I was living in a rural area and I was living with rough living with A and B who were good friends every day with three people every day.

My family and I were completely abandoned by me, but mother B always took care of me. It was a tough stance, but he told me some things and moved for B variously.

When B mother and child had Nakazo, it got quite a hard fight. Although he did not say the contents, he seems to have mentally damaged his mother.

I hurt my mother when I was scared, my father came home. My father who saw the situation at a glance ignored B and approached her silent mother.
My father told B, looking at his mother staring at the floor with dark fish like eyes like clothes and hair and stinking.

B Father "You, you have become a human being who steps on people, so I do not know how much you think mother."
My father did not see B, he said he was talking while hugging her mother.
B "Let me shut up ... Shall we kill the tame?"
B did not fee

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