First of all, this is surprisingly long.
Well, it is not a big deal.
Please read only those who are so busy as to die.

I gave him advice, so I started.

This is the story of my 3 year college.

The summer vacation was getting too close and I planned to go to the sea with five college fellows.

At the planning stage, one of the companions told me not to byte in the ocean,
I did not have any plans for summer vacation, so I got two OK answers.
Two of them said that it seems there are some seminar camps, and bytes are not good.

After all, three of five people decided to byte in the ocean, the other two worked as a trip as our work
I told you to come and stay at the inn.

So, in order to find the work place of the first thing, I decided to search variously by three people by hand.

I was looking for it on the net, but I was quite recruiting and there were many characters that welcomed friends.
From that we chose one inn.

Of course, it is near the sea which is said to be the sight

How about this story?



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