My parents 'parents' house is located about 2 hours by car from my house.
Although it is a farmer, I like something like that, when I become a high school and get on a motorcycle, I often went to play alone for summer vacation or winter vacation.
Grandpa and grandma also gladly welcomed me "I came often."
But since I last went to high school for three years, it has not been done for more than ten years already.
It was not 'I did not go' but 'I could not go', but that translation is this.

What I just entered during spring break, I was invited by good weather and went to my grandfather 's house on a motorbike.
It was still cold, but wide edges were pleasantly pleasant, so I was relaxed for a while. In that case,

"Poppy, Poppo, Po, Pot ..."

And I heard a strange sound. It was not a mechanical sound, I felt like people are emitting.
It was also a feeling that both voiced sounds and semi-voiced sounds could be taken either way.
When I thought what it was, I found a hat on the hedge of the garden.

How about this story?



I am pretty sure, I read something pretty similar in a hentai manga.

オカ板で読んだな… …いや、ぽぽぽ…は 来たら怖いな( ˙꒳​˙ ) 身代わりに出来る身内、いないしな…




読んだことある 面白い話し

Not sure if you can understand me. I'm from Texas. We also have a similar legend, they call her "The Crying Woman" She is similar to Hasshaku-Sama. I believe this is no coincidence. Kids are always the main targets that both of these beings go after. .Either way, both are dangerous and scary.


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