It is a story concerning the thing called "prohibited" that was transmitted to my hometown.
I did not know how to read until the end, but among us was called "Pandora".

The town where I was born and raised was a quiet and idyllic town.
It was a somewhat town without a striking playground, but there was something very eye-catching.
It is a vacant house that is built out of the town, on the way the rice fields endlessly stands.
It seemed like nobody lived for a long time, it was quite volatile, it was a house that made me feel old all around in an old rural town.
That alone is just an old vacant house ... but it has a reason to catch the eye.

One is excessive reaction of adults in town such as parents.
It was scolded rigidly just by talking about the vacant house, and sometimes it got scolded until it was haunted.
Children of any house were the same, and I did.
Another thing is that the vacant house had no entrance for some reason.
There were windows and glass doors, but there was no entrance tha

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長いから読まない 知ってる話しだし



本当には無かったネタ話の間違いだな。 元スレでは矛盾点を大量に指摘されて糞ネタ扱いされてた駄ネタ。 作者が随分自信を持って拡散してたが・・・・しつこい奴が頑張るとこんな糞ネタでも生き残るもんだなw

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