Today for the first time
I will go to my older brother's byte.

My older brother works part-time in a family room,
Today my parents are slow to go home,
So I was supposed to have dinner.

Clerk "How many are you?"
I, "Ah, I am alone!"
Clerk "Please go here"

I was brought to a clerk,
I got a seat.

My older brother "Yo, have you come?"

My older brother told me so,
I put water in front of me.

I "That one? Am I the only one?"
My brother said,

Brother: What are you talking about, she?
Do not do it for elementary school students! "
What I will say.
I got scared.

Then the older brother laughed.

My older brother "I am kidding! I just flew because I am free because I only have a clerk!

I "You too have been deceived!"

Ah, I felt relieved, I was scared ~

How about this story?


分からない人用の答え⇩⇩ 最後の場面で兄が “俺一人だから” と言ってたのに、 最初の席を案内していた店員さんは、 一体、誰なのか?⇦まさかの幽霊?…笑



えっ どうして『お兄ちゃん』は一人なの? ちゅうか最初のやつって誰?


通行人さんコメントありがとうございます。 そうなんです。お兄ちゃん『一人』で仕事してるんですよ〜




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