The story of the town in the Kansai region.
The common sense of the world does not pass much here,
Humans who have been decided since long ago,
The newly crowded man should escape immediately,
It is a blowing-up of those who can not help it.

Once a year, like an outgassing event
I have it, but even what is it?
I wonder if it is called DQN in the words of the present time.

Pull with the rope and run.
It is strange from foreigners
A humorous landscape is there.
Perhaps everyone runs and it is daily
Ubun will be sunny.

But that's it.
Really, that alone.

Once in a while, the area is transferred to large relatives
It began to be avoided. Even if tax revenue declines
Bullying does not decrease.
Something weak is abused
It keeps being hidden all the time.

He grew up in such a town and finally ran away
F - laughs.

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