This is the story I experienced.

I thought that I should go to sleep at night soon, and I turned off the light at around 12 o'clock.

But, I could not sleep at all, I thought variously, I was bothered to sleep at last, I suddenly became frightened by intuition.

I do not understand anything but I am afraid anyway and I thought that something is going on.
I absolutely never opened my eyes and wrapped in my futon.

Then, the sound of pots water is coming from the kitchen.

As I was afraid of being truly, I could not watch it, and as I was going to go to bed I was gradually getting closer ... the sound.

Moreover, this time it turned into a sound like rasping.

I prayed very much that "Do not come!" In my mind.

But the sound really came so far, I turned the courage and put on electricity.

But there was nothing ... I am afraid because I am afraid, I went to sleep as I went on TV.

When I get up in the morning, only electricity is gone, why is the TV a sandstorm? To

I was very scared.

How about this story?


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