This is a story my friend experienced.

Long ago, punishment game play at school became popular, it is a play that a person who chose to lose at Janken chooses a penalty game.

So, my friend A nominated me and in the end I had to think about punishing games.

Friend A's father is not on a business trip.

My mother works at cabaret club so he always comes back late.
That's why I told you, "Today we go to bed down."

That child was seriously sleeping in the closet.

A friend A got up around 10 o'clock.
He heard a sound from the door.

Friend A went by dash to the door in a hurry and opened the door.

But there was no one.

Friend A was a bit disappointed.
But I was a little relieved.

When I thought about going to bed, I opened the plunge, the woman whose rotten body went down to physical education while looking at friend A and made a bitter smile.

After that, it seems that friend A fainted and smell rotten for three days did not get out of the nose.

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