I am still talking about when I was single.

From that time on, I liked horror things, I bought a scary book back from the office, took it until midnight and finished reading and buying books and reading it was a habit.
Truly it got me soaked as I got around 2 o'clock in the evening and my back sound felt somewhat sensitive.

One day, if you read a book as usual, people are in the hallway. My room is on the second floor, climbing the stairs, there was a younger brother 's room with a corridor landing room.

I will make a sick question in that corridor.

I thought this was bad by intuition, but ...

I thought that this was different from my younger brother, but I was afraid that I could not sleep because I was afraid that I did not think so.

After that, my brother (who is not you?) About a thirty or so years ago when I talked about it when a bureaucrat had been appointed, I remembered that day about each other thing about that · ·····

It was a throbbing talk.

I posted it for the first time.

How about this story?




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