That was exactly the way home from work.
I think that the time zone was about 20 o'clock.

When I was walking on the way I was walking on the way home, a long woman with a long hair was walking in the fore.

However, it is slightly strange.

What was strange was that she was holding an umbrella.
I did not understand what color it was dark, but there was not any rain on that day.

Not only that.

It seemed to be dragging something.
Since I am creepy, I was walking a little earlier, trying to get rid of it quickly.

And when I tried to pass that woman, I felt terror.

That woman was dragging was a mummy that someone did not know ......
Besides, the mummy was wearing beautiful clothes.

I was too scared to run away in a hurry.
Since then, return of work has not used this way ............

How about this story?



 夜間に通行人を驚かせては快哉を叫んでいる 異常性格者でしょう。ひょっとしたら、女装した 男かも知れません。  いずれにせよ、今後事件に発展する可能性も 考えられますから、面倒でも警察に届けた方が いいと思います。

前に髪の長い女性が歩いてた。後ろからじゃあ暗くて見えない。 通り抜けようとしたがミイラを引きずっていた。 ミイラってなんでわかったの?


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