I entered a public toilet. It was Japanese style.

I hate Japanese style. But as I can not help it, I looked crouchingly,

There was graffiti in front of my eyes and I was instructed [Right wow, look !!!].

What is it? Thinking and looking at the right wall [Left wow, look !!] and I thought that it is quite a command tone · · · etc. But as you see the left as it is

【Top, look! Because it is!

Looking at the celestial heavenly place there are tremendously big red letters

【Do not look behind! It is! It is! 】 It is written that it is doki! It was made.

I was scared, but when I look back to Ushiro slowly ...
I was relieved that nothing was written in particular.

It says "Look at the right" in the front,
When I looked to the right, it was written "Look at the left".
If you look to the left as instructed, it should be "look at the right" that was written before
It is changing to "look on the t

How about this story?





これ納得いかないんだよなあ 最初の正面を基準にして首だけ向きだけ変えて右→左→上ってやると成立しないし


私のホームの説明欄にコピペも載せるって書いてますよ^^ 意味不明なのはご自身の読解力の不足では?

本当の解説 「上を見ろ」とはどこにも書いてあるという指示はない 「後ろを見ても何も書いていなかった」と書いてあるが 書いてなかっただけで人はいた



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