It is my father's experiences.

When my father started working, I heard from a friend of high school friends that there was consultation, so I was informed that I would like to drink together.

On that day, I met my friends and decided to drink on a stall.

Listening to the contents of consultation, it was that they failed in the stock and took over a lot of debts and they could not do anything wrong.

I could not do anything, because my father did not have the money to redeem it, but I heard that he was only able to put words of encouragement as much as possible.

By the time I finished drinking, my friends seemed to be a little positive, "I am still young, so I can start over, I will try harder for a bit."

My father was relieved to hear that.
Because I was on the way back on the way home, I said I broke up on the spot.

After my father broke up, I turned around, but there seems to have been no friend there anymore. It seems that my father realized everything here.

Actually, this stall is

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