In elementary school days, five people including me played tags in the housing complex and played.

Although I was a demon, I was chasing four friends like a row of corridors in the apartment complex.

The first person got off to the lower floor and three others went upstairs so I went to the upper floor.

When I went to the upper floor there was a friend who went down and went down.

I heard that they were here for a while ago.
However, all but the friends who are above have witnessed.

I do not know Doppelganger whether it is a ghost.

It is only to say that I have witnessed the sixth vision of illusion, not something happened, but I do not know what that was.

Sorry we are not scared.
I do not know if this is involved, but my friend has a habit of going home and will not stay for several months by chance.

Currently, I do not know for about 6 years that I am out of communication and where I am going.

My friends' family is not a long house.
I am adulting and I am laughing that I am all

How about this story?



ごめん どうでもいいかもだけど一帯ってこれじゃなくて一体こっちじゃね?


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