This story is the story I experienced when I was in elementary school fifth grade.

Is it a festival every year at a shrine in my area? It was like Bon Odori, I went there every year and I was doing well with my friends lol

As usual, if everyone was doing well, one friend said "Do not you try the liver?" At last I am curious from youngsters, let's all go soon! It is! It is! I am scared of curiosity. . Lol

A famous spiritual spot that you can go by bike around here is "Red Mansion". At Adachi-ku, it was a famous spiritual spot.

Everyone decided here, let 's go!

Let's investigate a little about the girl who only had a cell phone at such time! If you say so, wait a bit, will you quit after a few minutes?

That child said, and when you look at the mobile screen you have a lot of things like Adachi-ku's greatest spiritual spot, and that's scary, just let's stop it. Lol
I decided not to go to the red mansion.

However, it seems that my brother on the other side of the story heard this story, he t

How about this story?



ゆういつ→ゆいいつ、二回→二階 細かいけど気になった


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