I go to school by train everyday.

One day I picked up red gloves at the station home on the way back.

I thought about delivering, but I was pretty, so I took the gloves and came home.

From the next day, I started to go to school on and off everyday.

But since I began to wear the gloves, I feel like I've got a lot of numbness in the evening.

I always feel sore when this time comes, so I thought why.

I thought because it hurts day after day.

Ah! I had heard a voice aloud.

In retrospect, it was the same time as the first time we picked up.

When I notice time I feel that gloves feel bad and I will not be able to come off.

I pulled it out quite well, but my hand was bloody.

Perhaps it was a glove of a woman who was in a train accident.
Let's care for lost gifts.

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