There was a couple in one place.
The couple was having fun while driving and went to the spiritual spot.

However, when I got into a spiritual spot, I quarreled with her and my boyfriend left home her in a spirit spot.

However, after a few minutes judging calmly (one person spirit spot is awful at this time ...) and thinking, the boyfriend returned to the spiritual spot that he left behind.

There was still her there. I managed to reconcile and return home together.

On that way, a boy was waving here. But he is wearing his hands with the back of the hand, not the palm of the hand

She said "I'm sorry for being alone at such a time"
My boyfriend told me, "No, no one who is doing the opposite action is a human of this world"

"Huh, great !!" she applauds

That hand was holding the back of the hand

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