Those who are coming back from now.

Those who are off from today.

And you accidentally saw this article you there.

Psychological master, Brahmin.

When doing a psychological test from now on, depending on the result it may be unfortunate that you will be hit.
So from here I would like to ask for your own responsibility.

Let's get started.

Question ①
You say to a friend like this.

① Good morning
② Oh!

Question ②
Speaking of something

① Right
② Left
③ Both

Question 3
Which do you prefer?

① Coldness
② Hot
③ Neither


When there are many ①
It is safe this year.

When there are many ②
I am injured in the middle of the year.

③ When there were a lot
Good luck comes

①② ③ All cases
Inspiration appears

No matter what happens I do not know

How about this story?




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