I will introduce the story of the night I experienced when I was 19.

I stayed away from my family and living alone while attending college.

But one day I noticed something.
I did not know whether I noticed this, but I felt the atmosphere was different when I looked around.

Well I thought it was because I moved and went to various people 's house.

But unlike that, it was like the atmosphere that someone was "living".

However, I thought that it was my mind.

Well I stayed asleep that night, but I just worried, I pushed the recording button to shoot the room with my video camera that my father got, I went to sleep.

The next day I picked up the awakening camera and saw the video I was filming last night, but I did not see anything.

Oh well there is something good that I do not need to notice.

How about this story?


(´・д・) もう少し頑張ろうや

あ、そういう事か( °_° ) こりゃ、コメント見なきゃ だな



スイッチ云々の行がないので、ないが言いたいのか要領を得ませんし、 起承転結が分からず、怖いも何も、何が言いたいのか分からない。





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