One day, it was around fun to go fishing in the evening with her and her boyfriend.

It's that fun turns into fear. .

My boyfriend,

"Buy juice"

At last I went to a vending machine.

And as he returned to the vending machine she was talking with family.

For families, it was said to "Fishermen can catch and go"!

She said "I want to go!" I was told that I had no choice.

I noticed that there was a boyfriend when I was walking a bit.

The family noticed the opposite of shoes and clothes, the boyfriend to her

"They are funny! Run away!"

Suddenly I ran away.

And when I stepped on the accelerator by stepping on the car, I did not proceed, after stepping on the brake, I went behind.

She was clapping hands with the back of the hand saying "Huh!

And then I fainted and I got up, I got up at home, I saw him sideways with that family.

How about this story?



そうですね。 水死した霊です。 私が、説明不足ですみません。


ジェットコースターみたいな展開 そのまま逃げなかったら、水の中に連れていかれていたのだろうか。 そこで、水死した家族の霊?


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