This is the story when I was still a student.

I have always liked ghost stories and urban legends and it was one of my hobbies to collect such stories in various places.
It was the old teacher who had the most abundant story of the hand among them.

My teacher often talked about classes and class breaks.

The teacher talks about old ghost stories, some of those in the Heian era, but the teacher said that monsters and monsters in the ghost stories are something that people produced, people wanted it It taught me that it is born from things.

And the teacher says that the curse is included in it, the curse is not a godly truth, it is a ceremony that creates yourself to realize your desire.

It seems that the ritual of the Occasion is also one of that ceremony, that is originally to lower demons in their bodies, not to bother the opponent cursing, it is like premises to create yourself who tortures your opponent .

Since listening to this story, when I saw it with SNS etc. that use the word to curs

How about this story?





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