When I was young, there was a spirit program on TV at lunch. I always watched it without missing.
Especially I loved the corner of spirit photography.

I wish I would send it to the TV even if I have a home as well ~
I caught an album.

I am stupid of me as my family is not smiling.

I was watching every corner of the photo of the album.
Is not there anyway? When I started thinking, I became a page of photographs taken with jokes, and there was a picture of my mother's upper body (quite a dauph).

It was just recently developed.

A strange picture with the mother in the left half and the television on the right half.

A huge old man on a television screen that is not turned on? There was.
It looked like an angry face and seemed to be staring at my mother.

Even if I review it many times the uncle is clearly reflected.
It was a person I have not seen.
Because I do not want to frighten my mother, I silently left the album.

I recently remembered and confirmed the photos secretly.


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時間が経つと消えます 何度か経験あります


うちに 何枚か心霊写真や変な写りの写真ある


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