As he left the store, it began to rain.
Take your umbrella from the umbrella stand and go out to the street.

As I was walking for a while, someone followed me from behind and told him.

"That! ... That, that's my umbrella!"

In retrospect, there are women standing while wet.

Apparently, he seemed to have taken an umbrella by mistake.
He obediently apologized and returned her to her umbrella, and walked wet in the path of rain.

And when he arrived home he bid farewell, quickly entered the room and took a shower.

Clothes and body were getting wet so I wanted to warm up my body quickly.
I still have work to handle, but let's do it at night.

He wiped out his body from the shower and dried his hair, he adjusted his dressing and left home.

It is still raining.

He put an umbrella that was his own thing, and hurried to the home.

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