It is a story I heard from my friend. I do not know if it is true, but the leisurely person read it

A friend came to stay at a woman 's house, she seemed to have been told by a friend in the middle of the night "Let' s go to a nearby convenience store"

However, the woman says, "You do not have to go alone." However, I forced my friend to take me to a convenience store

"A man has a kitchen knife at the bottom of the bed now," a friend said yesterday

If a friend did not notice at that time

How about this story?


また この話し 同じ話し載せてる人いる


本当かどうかわからないの?教えてあげる。 創作だよ。アメリカで半世紀以上前に流行った怖い話だよ。



有名過ぎる 確か正しい作品名はアイスクリームてましたっけ、うろ覚えですけど パクるならせめてもっと文章変えなきゃ


全く同じ話を、何年も前に聞いたな。 なんで丸ぱくで投稿したの?


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