A story at a school's camp

One day, there were camps at school events
It was a quite creepy place in the mountains

It was fun to make curry in the evening

But at night, let's try everyone else
I came.
But he refused it because somehow the spirit did not seem so
And with my smartphone my friend hid me
I have gone to try the liver

An unexpected thing has happened after this

As I went to the back of the mountain there were no lights at all and everyone was told I was "not upset"

There were many graveyards there and we explored a little.

One guy suddenly fell down
"I will return home quickly"

I am back.

And I decided to see the movie that I was filming
There are obviously funny figures behind friends and friends collapsed at the cemetery
The spirit hugged.
That movie is erasing.
After that, it seems that there were many people who committed suicide here when examining the mountain there.

I also went exactly.

I will not test for liver again.

How about this story?


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