My friend seems to be able to see.

As for her, ghosts are not necessarily only bad fellows full of blood,
Like ordinary people, it seems that they are actually here and there.

For example,
Are you waiting for a signal? When
If you feel a sense of incompatibility and look at it
The body passed through rainbow colors.

For a while,
I was not in Japan,
I came back after a long absence the other day.
When I came near the parents' house,
Suddenly when I was a junior high school student, I remembered the ghosts I had always watched.

It's under that utility pole.
I still had it.

It has long black hair,
A woman facing downward is standing still.
I do not care what the street goes over, it seems to be just there.

It has passed for about 30 years since then
I can not do Buddhah yet yet.
She seems to be talking about acquaintance.

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