It was when I was a junior high school student.

I was going to a cram school since I entered the summer vacation, but on that day the cram school was sleeping slowly from night.

I went to the living room after I got up.

Then my mother was crying while telephone.

I wondered what had happened while eating breakfast.

The mother who finished the phone told me "My factory person died."

It was that he might have committed suicide.

I could not return anything but a word "I am OK."

I went to the cram school this evening.
It was from 7:20 to 10:30.

I tried to ride a car that came to pick me up a bit late.
I headed to the car a bit.

When I saw a car, my father and mother were on board.
My father was a carpenter, so I got a work clothes and I got on a car I thought it was my job return.

When I got into the car and asked my father "Were you going somewhere today?", No reply was returned.
I was surprised to see my mother saying "What are you doing? Do not ride your daddy?" And looking