I am inspired.
The inspiration is not strong and it seems normal. This ability ... I do not need it.
I do not know but I am happy.

Let's do two things this time.
A story that really happened ....

First, street lights.
A street light that is also on the street anywhere.

At night it is only stinging.
Only my house.

When I am awake, it is somewhat creepy when I am in the middle of the night.
When I look closely, I saw that ....

Girls are.
A little girl.

A girl around 5 years old gazing at me.
I wonder why.

My mother talks about that, but she did not believe me with an ambiguous reaction.

My inspiration seems to be that only my grandfather, grandmother and I can see.
My mother does not have inspiration.
Talking about what I truly was an ambiguous reply.

Well, the street lamps to be sharp had been removed several days later.
I wonder what he was doing ....