A talk about when I went to Okinawa for my family trip.

Triple room with mother and sister.

Let's take a shower at around 5 o'clock in the morning and let's cool our eyes! And I took a bath.

Here is the unit bus.

Washing your head, washing your body and washing your face

"○ ○, ○○ (my name)"

I call it.

I wonder if my mother woke up in the toilet? A thought

"Wait a minute soon" -

I wash away my face and answered.

Then again

"○○, ○○ ~"

Because I call your name

"You understand! Okay. "

Open the door and the room is pitch dark
My sister and my mother are sound asleep.

· · ·.

While rocking my mother, "Hey hey ~ mom. You called me now? "

Mother "What? What do you mean? "

I "Because I took a name call from outside when I took a shower"

Mother "Do not Know"

Who did you do that?