I fought a friend on that day and went to a nearby shrine to settle down.

A stranger boy cried out when I was absent for about five minutes.

Is he a newly moved child? I asked, "What's wrong?"

Then, he grudged "I'm stuffing" and clung to my arms.

Then, somehow, my body stopped moving like I was in a tie-in, and my neck was tightened.
I lost my consciousness as "No more .... no."

When I noticed it is above my bed. Was it a dream? At the moment when I tried to get up, goose bumps stood.
There was a blue aza on both wrists.

What was that?
On that day, I thought to apologize to my friends.
However, even if I said that I was talking normally and saying "yesterday was sorry", I was told "To what? What?"

I really experienced a mysterious experience.