There was a young man living alone on the third floor of the apartment.

As I returned home from the office, I felt someone's eyes when I relaxed alone as usual.

Of course there is no one in the room and no pets.
I thought that was something of mind, and the young man did not mind especially.

On the next day, when I was relaxing in my room, I felt like I was staring at someone else.

There is only one youth in the room and it is hard to imagine being peeped at by people as it is on the third floor.
I thought that someone was hiding in the closet, I tried opening the closet, but there was no particular change.

And such a situation lasted almost every day.

But one day I was in that moment when I saw the direction to feel my eyes as usual.

He has found a figure of a woman staring at here from a small gap between the dance and the wall.