A story about when my father was still single and living alone.

At that time my father worked in a workplace with night shift and seems to have been sleeping in the apartment after the night shift on that day.

When I came back around 10 am and stayed asleep for about 2 to 3 hours, I awoke with the light from the feet with the window.

Actually it was still around noon, but at that time it seemed like I overslept and thought that it was the sunset on the sun.

When I wake up and wake up at my feet, my uncle is seated sitting right.

I wear a kimono and are shining. Light was what was emitted from my uncle.

I was surprised and could not move, my uncle quickly disappeared.

It seems that it was that night that the news that my uncle died arrived.

I'm sure he came to the last greeting.

It is a serpent, but my father was a so-called follow-up when my mother remarried, seems to have grown up without being treated very well from family and relatives.

It was said that only my uncle was prett