That was my summer vacation for my first year in high school.

Everyday my club activity was late, so I always got back with my friends in club activities and had my mother come and pick me up on rainy days.

However, on that day, my parents went to grandparents' house on the day, friends did not ask for pick up, friends picked a train, but I came home by bicycle while raining with heavy rain.

On the way home I was spoken to by my grandmother.
I forgot the school name, but I came to a girls' school reunion but I was told that I do not know the way.

However, although there are three girls' schools, their names are totally different, the invitation was also written in the Showa era, it was raining and thunder at that time, so when asked to go by taxi, the old woman left, and left It went by.

I noticed at the spot that the old woman was not holding an umbrella.

I was a little worried and suddenly saw the grandmother, it was only a few seconds in one train, but it was not there.

Later on think