I shopped at a certain JUSCO last month, and I was doing small with the toilet there.

Then, I felt that the big door behind me rose to scorch.

Well I did not mind that time and I was small and I was small,
I feel awfully behind the scenes, I feel confident.

Then my breath came down to my neck,
Yabe, thinking backwards when thinking as pervert,
A woman who wore a black long shirt (long black hair shirt)
I am standing close to the back of the head and looking at my face like this horrible hate.

I got caught in the accident and my urine caught.

Suddenly stare at my face,


It was a terrible deca and cried out with a high voice and ran.

I was scared.

So I got scared of getting out of the toilet and throbbing while getting out
I have not had that strange woman anymore.

Then we ate something,
When I waited for the return bus at the bus stop 100 meters away on the way home,
She stood up on the street as it was over,
I pointed at my side and was staring at me.

After all