I am very close eye.

It seems that astigmatism also enters considerably, so it can not be seen undetectable.

When you make your makeup, you can not see it unless you approach the mirror.

Even if you want to put eye lines, if you point the pen to the eyelids, the distance between nature and the mirror will be apart.

I can not make up makeup while watching clearly.

One day, I had an appointment with my friend for lunch, and since there was errands before the appointment time,

As usual I turned on all the lights in the washroom lights,

Although I could not see it, I took off my glasses and I made my makeup hard.

Suddenly, tinnitus started and my right ear disappeared.

Do not come anything! I thought,

A person who crosses the entrance of the washroom over the mirror in the bathroom.


If I turn around it turns blurred and I can not see anything.

At that time, I realized that the spirit can be seen even without glasses.